From Frustrated To Finally Free : The Real Me 4 Week Introductory Course


From Frustrated to Finally Free | The 4 Week Introductory Course £295

Have you had enough? Is it time for change?

Just over a year ago  I felt defeated, fed-up, uncomfortable in my body, that I couldn't lose weight and was destined to grow old fat and frumpy.

But over the course of this year I've used my hypnotherapy tools to help myself (and you all to different levels) to discover how you can lose weight, believe in yourself more and turn your mind to whatever you need.

Now I'm giving you a challenge.

What if you used the next month to really invest in yourself and your health?

Are you going to take the challenge and really find out how you can alter your mind and your body in the next month?

Imagine yourself in 4 weeks....

If you:

  • Want to lose at least 10lbs
  • Want to drop at least one dress size

  • Want to focus on you and your health for the next 4 weeks using the Real Me tools 

    So you can:

  • Fit into smaller clothes

  • Feel in control of your weight and your life

  • Feel good about yourself

  • Feel an amazing sense of achievement

  • Get some amazing health results

    This will give you:

    Accountability for the next month

    The support of a fiercely dedicated group of like minded people including me taking part 

    A step by step plan - built together to take you to the real you

    As always there are NO guarantees as the programme will be what you make of it and results are dependent on what you put into it.  If you choose to take on the challenge - who knows what you’ll achieve?

    Your transformation will include:

  • 4 Weekly live online group sessions (can be watched on catch up)

  • Weekly goal setting and reviewing

  • Accountability

  • A library of resources created just for this course

  • Nailing Nutrition

  • Planning your Fitness

  • Mindful Motivation

  • Sensory & Emotional Eating

  • Self-esteem and body image Growth

    All WITHOUT Dieting and by creating change and empowerment with hypnotherapy and training our minds.


£295.00 GBP

 I give my full consent to receiving online therapy sessions from Julie Bale. I understand that results vary from person to person, and the agreement by Julie Bale to work on the issues or problems presented in the course, using whatever model or models are appropriate to the situation, in no way implies or guarantees a ‘cure’ of the said issues or problems. I understand that hypnotherapy is a collaborative process, and the degree of progress is dependent on my active participation and engagement in the process.  I understand that there are no guarantees offered and that success depends on my active participation and motivation.  I understand I will need to complete tasks in between sessions. I understand that I am paying for the course and not for a guarantee of success.I understand that Hypnotherapy, or any other therapy provided is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or the appropriate counselling.  I also understand that Julie Bale does not treat, prescribe for, or diagnose any medical or mental health condition. I declare that, I have consulted with my General Practitioner and/or Hospital Consultant and gained the appropriate medical approval for working with this course. I understand that any recordings of sessions or hypnotherapy recordings either video or audio which are provided by Julie Bale are for my own personal use only and will not be shared, copied, sold to anyone else or uploaded onto any social media platform.  I  understand that completing the tasks given between sessions to the best of my ability will give me the next chance of success.