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I was on a diet for nearly 50 years. Then I gave up dieting,  created a hypnotic weight loss jab hypnotic semaglutide ® and lost 35lbs. This book will show you how you can do this too with my celebrated programme. 

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BA(Hons), PGCE, ARCM, Dip.Hyp | HPD | MNCH Reg.| CNHC Reg. | MUKHC

Hello, I'm Julie. I'm a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

 I've changed my life and my relationship with food and self-belief with hypnotherapy. After the menopause hit I thought I'd never find anything to help me lose weight again. 

In 2023 I lost 35lbs by retraining my mind with hypnotherapy to lose weight without dieting. 

My clients lose an average of 10lbs in 4 weeks on my programme - but it's not all about the numbers on the scales!!

 My The Real Me MindTraining ® Courses  show life-long dieters how to reprogramme your mind to control your weight easily and feel confident in your body using a number of tools including hypnotic semaglutide ® the virtual weight loss jab.

 You can join my 4 week course Frustrated to Finally Free below and change your life today!!  

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You CAN Lose Weight Without Dieting

 All my life I have stressed about my weight not feeling confident or comfortable enough in my own skin. Having dieted from the age of nine, I had spent my life as a serial yo-yo dieter, always self-conscious about how I looked.

 But nothing worked – intermittent fasting, Slimming World, Weight Watchers – I discounted them all one by one, still no further along than I previously had been and menopause made things even worse!

One day in February 2023 it dawned on me – what if I could create a Hypnotherapy tool to help other people also struggling with their weight which had similar effects to the appetite suppressant drug semaglutide? Without any of the medication – was there a way to harness the power of hypnotherapy to develop a hypnotic semaglutide? (a virtual weight loss jab?) and retrain our minds to feel good about our bodies and around food. 

Now a year after the beta version of my first trial began, the pioneering group (including myself and my husband Andrew) have lost 35 pounds each and counting. 

One of those on the trial is also a choral soloist singer, who has lost over 5 stones and dropped 6 dress sizes. 

I now lead an ever growing number of people fed up with their relationship with food and all of them are getting tremendous wins each week.

It’s not really about focusing on the numbers on the scales, I just want as many people to feel as comfortable in themselves as possible whether they’re on stage or in photographs or just looking in a mirror.


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How Do You Retrain Your Mind with Hypnotherapy? Will I be able to do it?

Hypnotherapy is essentially a form of mind training and it uses a mixture of progressive relaxation, guided visualisation, meditation, hypnosis, CBT, NLP, ACT and Neuroscience to help YOU learn to control your own mind to create better outcomes for yourself.

You cannot be forced to do anything against your will. It is a collaboration between us to decide exactly what we want to achieve each session.

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Sarah Brameld | Testimonial 

I cannot praise Julie and her mindset programmes enough.

She is an amazing person, positive, patient and adaptable. Her ability to understand others needs and devise techniques to meet those needs is prodigious.
I Joined 'The Real Me' programme. Designed by Julie to find 'The Real Me.' Changing your mindset in order to be in control of what you eat. I joined the group as someone who definitely did not have a good relationship with food. I was a secret binger who used food as an emotional crutch for all situations. Constantly saying I wasn't in the right 'mindset' to go on a diet. Well that was 12 weeks ago! I have now completed 12 weeks on The Real Me I have lost over 30lbs, dug clothes out of boxes that I was holding onto but hadn't worn for years with little hope of fitting in them. I don't really think about food anymore. I eat what my body needs and only until I am full. Who knew you could only eat one chocolate biscuit or one piece of chocolate!! As a former chocoholic with a sweet tooth I never thought I'd see the day I didn't look at the dessert menu before anything else.

The one person I have to thank for all of the above is Julie and I can never thank her enough for the difference she has made to my life. We meet many people in our lives and some of them are there to show you a new way forward, lend a guiding hand and enable you to take back control of yourself and your vision for the future. Julie is that person for many people.

If you need to change your mindset to improve your life I would highly recommend you get in touch with Julie and take the first steps on your journey to a new and confident you.
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Jeff Stewart, Opera Singer, Singing Teacher, Conductor, CEO Choral Holidays

“Having previously failed to get any benefit at all from hypnotherapy, I thought I’d give Julie a go as she is a trusted friend. I found Julie’s approach much more successful and I was able to easily achieve a useful hypnotic state, and the exercises showed immediate benefits in my practice and performance.” 


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