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Julie Bale

Libera Me | Requiem by Verdi
Julie Bale


I'm Julie Bale

I'm a Hypnotherapist and Professional Singer.

I worked in the music industry for over 30 years studying voice and vocal pedagogy with Janice Chapman.

As an ex-dieter I am vehemently anti-dieting and want to show all life-long dieters stuck in that evil yo-yo cycle another way.

My Story

I have always loved performing and music. From a young age I would sing and entertain anyone who wanted to listen, and a number who didn't!   It led me to gain a degree in Music, a diploma in Singing at the Royal College of Music and further studies of opera and voice teaching with the world-renowned Australian Opera singer and teacher, Janice Chapman.

 But like any performer, nerves have always played a part in my story. I had many auditions and performances where I was so nervous it affected my performance. Often feeling deflated afterwards, I realised that other singers had to be in the same position.

I wondered whether meditation might help – but whilst searching for courses on guided meditation – I kept seeing the word hypnotherapy. Intrigued, I signed up for a Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma with Adam Eason (National Council of Hypnotherapists) and in the process became qualified to help others overcome their nerves and stage fright and much more. 

Slowly but surely word started to spread about how I could help other performers and singers using the power of hypnotherapy to overcome their fears.  In my first year after qualifying, I worked with over 100 classical singers, some of whom went on to reach the final rounds of several prestigious singing competitions. (I can't tell you who or where due to confidentiality!!)

At the crux of the issue for me had always been my weight and not feeling confident or comfortable enough in my own skin. Having been put on a diet from the age of nine, I had spent my life as a serial yo-yo dieter, always self-conscious on stage about how I looked.

 But nothing worked – intermittent fasting, Slimming World, Weight Watchers – I discounted them all one by one, still no further along than I previously had been and menopause made things even worse!

Then one day it dawned on me – what if I could create a Hypnotherapy tool to help other people also struggling with their weight which had similar effects to the appetite suppressant drug semaglutide? Without any of the medication – was there a way to harness the power of hypnotherapy to develop a hypnotic semaglutide?

Now only 9 months after the beta version of my first trial began, the pioneering group (including me and my husband Andrew) have lost 32 pounds each and counting. It’s still early days but the fact we have all lost the same amount of weight is staggering. One of those on the trial is also a choral soloist singer, who has lost over 5 stone and dropped 6 dress sizes. Previously full of stage fright, she now steps confidently into the spotlight and every performance is her best.

I know it’s not about focusing on the numbers on the scales, I just want as many women to feel as comfortable in themselves as possible whether they’re on stage or in photographs or just looking in a mirror. I no longer want anyone to feel they have to hide away and if they have a passion such as performing or singing, I wants them to embrace it without the fear that so often accompanies it.

I want everyone to know that they can give up dieting to lose weight. 

 I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Diploma which is accredited to the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the most robust qualification in Hypnotherapy which is a HPD. I wanted to do this because having the highest qualification I could get was important to me. The NCH have a code of ethics and professionalism which I fully endorse.


A bit more about me..

I've worked with singers at all levels of the profession both with hypnotherapy and vocal technique. 

After a first degree in Music & German, a PGCE and a diploma from the Royal College of Music, I trained for over 20 years in Singing and Vocal Pedagogy with the amazing Janice Chapman AUA MOA and I've been Resident Singing Teacher with a number of prestigious choirs including London Oriana Choir. 

I've sung extensively in Opera and Oratorio.


In opera I've sung Leonora Fidelio (Dorset Opera - Cover and Opera Herts, Conductor Phillip Thomas) and Helmwige Die Walküre (Berwick Festival Opera, Conductor Peter Selwyn) as well as the Mozart Heroines Donna Anna, Fiordiligi and Countess Almaviva. I've done a lot of recitals and I regularly perform Strauss Vier Letzte Lieder, most recently at Ely Cathedral. I enjoy leading workshops with choirs all over the UK on Vocal and Performance Technique and I am also a trained choral conductor. 


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