It’s 10 Weeks To Christmas. Make this the Christmas you no longer stress around food!

Oct 13, 2023


I love Christmas, I love the build up, the carols, the season of goodwill….

But for many years Christmas also led me to a state of panic… how can I possibly  be around that much food? I know I’ll eat far too much…Which then led to a feeling of self-loathing, why can’t I be normal around food?

I would even be very careful as to which social events I chose to attend and I’m ashamed to say that I did often stay at home instead of meeting up with people I really wanted to socialise with, because I was afraid of being around food and drink, because I couldn’t control myself. 

Christmas then became a time of resignation, resigning myself to overeating, feeing disgusted with myself and preparing for the next diet which inevitable started on January 1st (or the 3rd or 4th.. dependent on when all the Christmas chocolates had finished). 

Does this sound familiar?

Are you someone who is ruled by food?

If so, I really want to share my discoveries this year with you, because I won’t be doing that this year!!!

This year I will be free to go to every social function I choose knowing that I now will only choose the foods I want to eat. That I may choose to indulge but not overindulge and that I control and am happy with what I eat and drink. There’s the added bonus that I’ve also lost over 30lbs since I discovered this way of life but that’s not what’s in my thought today - I’m excited and not afraid of Christmas anymore. 

And HOW am I doing it?

Well, I have simply used a programme of hypnosis exercises to firstly help me to suppress my appetite and learn to find my natural hunger levels (with hypnotic semaglutide ®), then used other hypnosis exercises to help me discover what MY body really wants to eat in order to function its best, exercises to help erode the old conditioning that food is in control of me (how can it be, I’m a grown educated woman) and exercises to help build new beliefs around how I feel about myself and the role food plays in my life (ie as nourishment rather than as the master of me).

Can these hypnosis exercises work for you too? Well, yes and no… Yes if you are prepared to really commit to making a change, knowing that a lifetime of believing that food is the enemy will take time and a shift and there will probably be some difficult emotions to process. No, if you just want this to happen but are not prepared to follow the guidelines - just like having a gym membership - you have to go to the gym to make a difference. Here you have to take the process onboard. 

But…. It is SO worth it!!! For me and for the many people who are currently taking my programme it's an absolute lifesaver..

So, If you want to discuss how this can work for you then email me at [email protected] and I’ll tell you how it works. We currently have a completely self-paced option and I’m also adding an exclusive one to one option this month. 

If you want to be liberated from the panic around Christmas… I can help. Get in touch!!

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