Can You Reset Your Weight with Hypnotic Semaglutide? Is This The End of Yo-Yo Dieting?

hypnosis May 12, 2023

Six weeks ago I embarked on an experiment.

Having had an idea that hypnosis could be used in the same way as the new weight loss wonder drug semaglutide, I was eager to put it to the test. My interest was of course piqued by being a Clinical Hypnotherapist but I have also been a yo-yo dieter for almost half a century, trying every new diet in the hope that this time would be the last time and I could finally be free of the depressing burden of being overweight. I found the idea completely compelling. 


I put together a hypnosis programme which mimicked the weekly injection of the appetite suppressant semaglutide and a plucky group of intrepid clients, friends and family joined me in this experiment. Each week we met for an hour online to receive our hypnotic “shot” and discuss our findings. As all of us were pretty much “experts” in all things diet we knew that we wanted more than just the shot and the support and chance to share our findings was a really great part of the process. 


As we continued each week it became clear that a weight loss journey is not just about the numbers on the scales, but we needed other tools too, which happily hypnosis could provide. We added in tried and tested hypnotherapy tools to help us raise body confidence, years of being told our bodies were not good enough takes its toll. We used hypnotherapy exercises to help with reducing cravings, staying motivated and patient when it felt like the programme wasn’t working as quickly as we wanted (we all want to lose 2 stones in 2 weeks right??) . In many cases we realised we needed to change our beliefs around food and heal our relationship with food that we had cast as the enemy. 


There were so many lightbulb moments during this 6 week programme. One was when one of the participants was bemoaning the fact that she finds it so difficult to eat less around her grandchildren, as you “have to get children to finish their plates". Another participant shared that this was exactly the reason why she has the issues with food that she did, she had learnt as a child that food must be finished, plates must be cleaned and we decided that we need to effect change around the beliefs that we are giving our children around food. 


 This plan works on the premise that we tell the brain in hypnosis that we have injected a drug that will suppress our appetite for one week. At mealtimes we then eat mindfully, fully expecting and believing and making it our reality that after around 6 mouthfuls of food, we are full. This worked and all participants lost weight in the first week, no matter what they ate. 


By the second week then it was decided that as we were full on only 6 or so mouthfuls of food and it was our goal not only to lose weight but to be the healthiest version of ourselves, we would use a hypnotherapy exercise to discover what the best foods and exercise for our bodies are, to help with choices. We already learnt that we needed to cook less, share food when eating out or learn to deal with the stress that some people felt with leaving food on their plate at the end of a meal. 


Discovering that we no longer had to eat “diet” foods to lose weight was a revelation, as was being able to go to social events and feel comfortable around food, knowing that we would eat until we reached satiety, and no more. For some of us recognising the hunger/satiety level was a new experience we only knew starving and stuffed.


By the end of six weeks our wins were huge. The average weight loss was 10lbs in 6 weeks, with no dieting.  My own numbers were as follows:


  •  I lost 14.6lbs (as did a number of other participants)
  •  I reduced my post-menopausal stomach by 3 inches
  •  My waist measurement reduced by 3 inches
  •  My cholesterol went down by 1.3 in the first 3 weeks 
  •  My resting heart rate reduced by 13 points (as did a number of the participants)
  •  My BMI reduced by 2.2


But most importantly for me, I am no longer a dieter! I eat what I choose - not diet food, I have an occasional glass of wine, I’m happy to go to social events without anxiety around food. Food no longer rules my life. 


Now I want to share this plan with anyone of you who feels exhausted with years of dieting and fears that there is no solution.  After a lifetime of dieting we know that there is no magic wand and you cannot have your years of struggle with food and weight disappear in a flash, but this does work, if you choose to make it. 




Although this plan is not like your average weight reduction plan, it does require commitment and dedication. Firstly, it is important to commit to your part in the process. You need to practise the hypnotherapy exercises. You need to be mindful at every meal remembering to reconnect with your hunger and choose to stop eating when you are full. You need to work through any long held limiting beliefs around food. You need to accept that weight reduction is a lifestyle change and a longer term plan. 


All the pioneers are ready to sign up for repeating the first 6 week plan again, we are developing and devising as we go and then we are also in the process of developing a longer term programme which will address the social and psychological needs of a long term weight reduction plan, called The 68 Club. We are also just about to receive the Trademark for Hypnotic Semaglutide. 


If this resonates with you and you’d like to join us or know more we are starting the next 6 week cycle on May 19th and I’d love to hear from you. Email me in the first instance at [email protected] or see the dedicated webpage



Julie Bale is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Ex Yo-Yo Dieter. She is the founder of Hypnotic Semaglutide and Hypnotherapy for Singers. She is dedicated to using hypnotherapy to help people live better lives and specialises in hypnotherapy for weight reduction and for performance anxiety and imposter syndrome for singers (having been a professional singer and choral conductor). She divides her time between Watford and Inverness where she lives with her husband Andrew and son James.






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