Learn To Love The Body You're In : How Hypnotherapy Can Transform Your Body Image

Feb 16, 2024


Hypnotherapy has long been regarded as a powerful tool for positive transformation for those looking to reshape their body image and cultivate lasting confidence. In this article we look into the effects of hypnotherapy on self-perception and the journey towards a more confident, positive self.

For those of you reading this who have never experienced hypnotherapy, it's important for you to understand that what hypnotherapy consists of is guided relaxation and focused attention to access the mind. It is not mind control, you are always in control and you cannot by hypnotised against your will - this is a myth. If you have experienced a guided visualisation before, then this is pretty similar, you are always awake and aware of what is happening. 

Hypnotherapy alone is not a magic wand. It will not "cure" you of a negative body image  but instead we can utilize suggestive techniques to instill positive beliefs and reshape negative thought patterns.

We Reshape Your Body Image:

  Hypnotherapy can address deep-seated beliefs and perceptions about your body but first we need to understand what they are. With a number of different exercises we learn to become much more self-aware and vigilant towards the messages we send our body on a daily basis. These insecurities can be tackled, swapped out and retrained for healthier more empowering messages. 

We Build Self- Confidence:

   We can use hypnotherapy techniques to target the roots of self-doubt, instilling confidence from within. By using positive affirmations and suggestions within the hypnosis sessions and utilising visualization techniques we help you project self-assurance into your daily life.

We Learn How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs:

 For those with low body confidence we need to as ourselves the question, What's Stopping You? This assists in identifying and challenging the limiting beliefs we hold that hinder confidence. These can then be reprogrammed enabling you to break free from the self-imposed constraints you possibly didn't even know you had. 

 How YOU Can Transform your Body image with Hypnotherapy:

 There are a number of ways you can try hypnotherapy to improve your body image. I offer one to one programmes based around using hypnotherapy for weight loss and giving up dieting but these of course also include learning to love your body. There is also a 4 session self-paced course called The Real Me which has body confidence sections in it. 


March 4th-8th I will be trialling a new FREE 3 Day Challenge where we will be incorporating a taster of how we do this transformative work and you are invited to join me. All the details can be found at 3 DAY CHALLENGE PAGE

Please note: The sessions are at 11am each day, but you do not have to be available for them. You can watch them at any time in the day afterwards. Lots of people do this. Anyone is welcome to join the challenge. You can join if you have never experienced hypnotherapy before, if you are a current client of mine, if you are a past client of mine or if we haven't worked together yet. There are no obligations at all. I run these challenges as a part of my mission to spread my passion for hypnotherapy and how we can transform our bodies and lives with it. I expect nothing in return. However, for those who want to I will be outlining how you can work with me further in my Friday session. Again, there is no obligation, it is a gift. 

Julie Bale is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and creator of The Real Me - How to Give Up Dieting to Lose Weight Programmes. Her book The Real Me Isn't Fat will be published in June 2024. Her programmes can be found at

The transformative power of hypnotherapy lies in its ability to empower you to embrace your true self with newfound confidence and positivity. #Hypnotherapy #BodyImageTransformation


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