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Julie Bale - Author

Julie Bale is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist helping entrepreneurs master their minds for business so they can focus on building their empires with a rock solid mindset for success. She also works with frustrated life-long dieters helping them to learn to love their bodies and lose weight so they can be released from the burden of dieting and use the freed up headspace to do something extraordinary with their lives. 

 In March 2023, having always had body confidence and weight issues herself, she developed a weight loss course centred around a “hypnotic weight loss jab” which has become the central thread of this book.

The Real Me Isn't Fat

Julie's bestselling book shares her personal journey overcoming the weight struggles of a lifetime.  She introduces her innovative hypnotherapy technique hypnotic semaglutide® designed as a powerful alternative to weight loss drugs, with proven success.

In the book you will be guided through the exact same 4 week programme Julie devised for herself and her clients, with which she has lost over 35lbs without dieting and healed her relationship with food. 

There is also a free accompanying audio guide to the exercises featured. 

The average weight loss for the 4 week programme is 10lbs but this is so much more than a weight loss programme. 


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What Clients are saying...

"I didn’t gain any weight while on holiday!! I just enjoyed myself, indulged and stopped when I’d had enough! I even managed to wear the same dress I wore on our honeymoon 10 years ago (a minor miracle!)" 


" I love the fact I am totally cool around food wherever I am. I had to buy a new pair of jeans as the ones I brought with me were falling off! Down 5 sizes in jeans!!!!"




"My wins this week are I managed to eat and not over eat. I have managed to indulge and not over indulge. I have been out for dinner a couple days this week and I managed to leave some food on my plate without feeling guilty. My biggest excitement this week is I have been out shopping and brought some smaller clothes yippee!! 😊"