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From Frustrated To Finally Free : The Real Me 4 Week Introductory Course Live Online

From Frustrated There to FINALLY Free. Have you had enough? Is it time for change? The photo of me here is difficult to look at for me. It represents a time just over a year ago when I felt defeated, fed-up, uncomfortable in my body, that I couldn't lose weight and was destined to grow old fat and frumpy. But over the course of this year I've used my hypnotherapy tools to help myself (and you all to different levels) to discover how you can lose weight, believe in yourself more and turn your mind to whatever you need. Now I'm giving you a challenge. What if you used the next month to really invest in yourself and your health? I'm going to run my highly successful and proven 4 week programme LIVE in June and I want you to join me. We start Wednesday 5th June. Are you going to take the challenge and really find out how you can alter your mind and your body in the next month? Imagine yourself in July.... If you: Want to lose at least 10lbs Want to drop at least one dress size Want to focus on you and your health for the next 4 weeks Using the Real Me tools but supercharged and intensive So you can: Fit into smaller clothes Feel in control of your weight and your life Feel good about yourself Feel an amazing sense of achievement Get some amazing health results This will give you: Daily accountability for the next month The support of a fiercely dedicated group of like minded people including me taking part A step by step plan - built together to take you to the real you As always there are NO guarantees as the programme will be what you make of it and results are dependent on what you put into it. However, you know that this plan works and works for you and this is a supercharged version where you will be kept accountable for 4 weeks. If you choose to take on the challenge - who knows what you’ll achieve? We will aim to do this live online once a week. There are only a limited number of places as I want to support you fully throughout this process and guide you to your final goal and I do that best with a very small group. Your transformation will include: 4 Weekly live online group sessions (can be watched on catch up) Weekly goal setting and reviewing Daily accountability A library of resources created just for this course Nailing Nutrition Planing your Fitness Mindful Motivation Sensory & Emotional Eating Self-esteem and body image All WITHOUT Dieting and by creating change and empowerment with hypnotherapy and training our minds. This course will be offered at the price of £295  If you would like to reserve a place or have any questions at all please message me or email [email protected]. The course will start 5th June.  I’m so excited to see who is going to jump into this one! And I’m so excited to help get you to FINALLY FREE.

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Hypnotherapy for Singers : Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

This self-paced course will give you the tools you need to enhance your singing life with the power of your mind This Course was originally designed for Singers by a singer who has re-purposed and in some cases created exercises to cover the major struggles and frustrations in a singer's life.  These include performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, fear of judgement and criticism, what to do when you're feeling angry, deflated, like giving up. Learning how to explore the unique you and becoming your own champion and so much more.   Below are a list of exercises and tools we will be covering in the course.  The Shift and Potency of Perception - A tool and framework to help develop a simple way for you to understand how your thoughts affect you physically and decide and create how you would like to feel instead The Superpower Suit  - A tool to help you get a clear  understanding of what your supersinger self would look and sound like and then channel that when you are performing The Studio - A tool to help you control your mind by deciding the “levels” of each emotion you want/don’t want to feel in performance The Clenched Fist and That’s Very Helpful - Two tools to help you rise above any unwanted criticism or judgement and clear your body and mind of any unwanted negative thought or emotion The Singer’s Spotlight - A tool to help you anchor the resources and emotions needed and wanted by you in performance  The Supersinger Self - A tool and framework to help you future rehearse a performance which goes exactly as you want it to go The Direct Gaze - A mindset and framework to help you be more assertive in a number of different situations The TimeTravel Train  - A fun tool for practising future outcomes and revisiting and learning from past performances The Cinema of Remission  - A tool and framework to safely visit and eradicate any traumatic performance memories The Self-Esteem Mirror - A place where we can hold up a mirror to who you are when you have all the self-esteem you need, and embody it The Unique YOURSELF - A tool and framework to uncover your unique superpower blend so you stand out and connect with audiences and panels  

£395.00 GBP