Audition Time!!! (Did that make you shudder?)

Sep 23, 2022

Auditions are a regular part of many singers' lives. 

Auditions are HATED by 99% of SIngers

Let's take a look at what this is all about. Auditions are supposed to be a "shop window" for a singer, a chance to show off their skills and talents, a chance to do what they love to do. So, why is it that most singers hate auditions? 

Well, I believe this comes down to the word audition and how singers have been conditioned to react to it and the event itself. Many singers find that the moment they step into a place of audition or think about an audition, they start to feel those tell tale signs of the stress response - the fight, flight or freeze primal reaction of the body where they start to feel butterflies in the stomach, feel their heart rate rising, adopt shallow breathing and feel shaky.. anyone resonate with this?? 

I used to be that singer, I used to get panicky for days or even weeks before an audition or big performance leading me to be so paralysed with fear that I ended up doing an awful lot of auditions and big performances in a state of auto pilot and not putting into practise the wonderful work I had done with amazing professionals beforehand. I spent a great number of years imagining what it would be like if I could sing as I did in the rehearsal studio until I discovered the power of self-hypnosis for singers. I knew I had to train to be a clinical hypnotherapist to be able to share these incredible simple but transformational tools with as many singers as I can - and that's what I do now!

You see, by learning some self-hypnosis techniques you can re-train your mind to work for you.... but that doesn't change the audition process you say?

NO, but the simple fact of the matter is that it is NOT the audition that causes the stress response you experience but rather your thoughts about the audition!! 

It is your thoughts about auditioning that is causing the fear - change the thoughts and you change the experience!!

In hypnotherapy we can rehearse future events as if they were happening now and thereby practise rewriting your response to auditions, helping you to love auditions as much as you loved your singing when you very first started to perform and got the bug!!! And, even better, it's a very quick process where you can start to notice the benefits immediately and the more you practise them, the better the effects will be. 

In hypnotherapy we usually recommend 4 sessions as a minimum to change an issue, but I have put together a really popular one-off session called the Audition Emergency Session. In it you will learn how to use self-hypnosis and :

1. How to feel safe and calm in and before an audition.

2. How to "anchor" feelings like freedom and connection and power to release in performance.

3. How to create "future memories" of your audition/performance going really well and embed this so that it becomes the default position whenever you perform. 

This is the training that I looked for for so many years and if you are a singer with an audition or performance coming up soon (and if you're reading this I hope you are!) then I'm really proud to be able to offer this to you now.

 I hope to help you all to become lovers of auditions very soon!!!



Julie Bale is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has spent over 30 years in the Music industry as a singer, choral conductor and voice teacher. She works with singers helping them to create awesome performances and lives using hypnotherapy. 

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