Julie Bale | Clinical Hypnotherapist 

BA(Hons) | PGCE | ARCM | Dip. Hyp | HPD | MNCH (Reg.)| CNHC Reg.

Embrace The Real You

My VIP One To One Programme

Hi I'm Julie, I LOVE helping people to give up dieting and learn to be comfortable in their own skins.

It's my absolute passion. I was "on a diet" for nearly 50 years and felt totally out of control of my body.

Now I'm liberated and free.

And 31lbs (and counting) lighter.

I realised that dieting was not working (it only took me 50 years) and that the way to banish dieting forever was to retrain my mind to listen intently to my body and to reset my habits and behaviours around food. 

By resetting the way I think with  simple mind training exercises, I now have a much more relaxed and loving relationship around my body and food. 

What really gives me joy is working with people one to one to dig deep and get amazing results.

So, I want to invite you to join me for my new fabulous 10 Week Embrace The Real YOU Programme.

Imagine yourself in just a few short months time:

  • Feeling fabulous in your clothes AND in your own skin
  • Feeling empowered and secure around your food choices
  • Being the healthy size you know you can be
  • Eating the foods you enjoy and really enjoying them
  • Being liberated and free from diets forever
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Are YOU Ready to  Lose Weight, Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin AND Give Up Dieting Forever?

This 10 week one to one Mentorship Programme Embrace The Real You will empower you to make lasting positive changes to your weight, body confidence, health and self-esteem by simply retraining your mind.

This is NOT another diet, we are going to retrain your mind and relearn everything you thought you knew about losing weight. 

Join me for a unique 10-week journey where we’ll uncover  how to create the body you love and reconnect to the awesome powers of your body and mind. 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed at where to start?
  • Do you lose weight on diets but then never seem able to keep it off long term?
  • Do you Yo-Yo between sizes?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been on a diet for all your life
  • Are you confused with all the conflicting advice?
  • Do you want to learn how to just enjoy food again?


Then Embrace The Real YOU is for you.


In 2023 I lost 31lbs of combined covid and menopausal weight and now fit back into my beautiful clothes. Having dieted for nearly 50 years I know now that I will never diet again. 

Through dieting you learn how to mistrust your body and treat food as the enemy, while trying to change your body. With this programme you change the way you think, learn to trust and listen to your body and finally be at peace around food. 

Embrace The Real You will help you learn my simple 4-stage Plan designed for you, a frustrated life-long dieter at the end of your tether.

This is my highly successful and proven method of learning natural hunger levels, discovering personalised nutrition and exercise, de-cluttering your beliefs and creating, unveiling and embracing the real you.

It is a programme that will work for you for the rest of your life. A way of life that will enable you to give up dieting for good, eat naturally and heal your relationship with food. 

 Here are the stages that will see you transform your life:


  1. Reconnect with Your Natural Hunger Levels: If you’ve ever dieted you’ve learned to ignore the important signals sent to you from your body and override them. We undo this and reconnect to say hello to the mind/body connection. We discover HOW to eat.
  2. Implement Personalised Nutrition: Having listened to other peoples’ rules to what you can/can’t eat has stopped you from feeding your body its individual and unique needs. We learn to listen and learn WHAT to eat.
  3. What’s Stopping You? Get ready to purge yourself of the negative thoughts and learned behaviours you have accepted as truths. We look at Diet Bunkum and pull apart the diet culture that has taken us away from our most important indicator for health, our own body  and empower your thoughts. You’ll understand WHY you eat and learn tools to implement change.
  4. Embrace The Real You: Like a Sculptor you use your imagination to create and then embody and journey forwards as The Real You . 

The 10 week mentorship programme explores this simple set of tools that have completely changed the lives of so many incredible ex-dieters just like you.

Current clients find themselves losing dress sizes without dieting, enjoying becoming the healthiest versions of themselves, eating food they enjoy, feeling comfortable and confident in their own skins and loving having a great relationship around food and their bodies. They love being liberated from diets and being fully in control of their mind and body.  

These are the results that YOU could get, in just 10 weeks. 

This is not a diet. This is liberation from diets. This programme will help you to finally discover what your body needs to be the most vibrant, healthy and YOU version of you. 

You’ll receive:

  • One to one sessions  with lots of support in between as you are guided through the steps. (Worth £1,029)
  • You’ll receive video recordings for each of the sessions with lifetime access (priceless)
  • You’ll have access to my self-paced Real Me Course (worth £247)


Plus - Join the supportive Real Me inner circle online community and video library FREE of charge for 3 Months. (Worth £117)

All For £995

Plus, there are flexible payment options – 3 months of £333 or 2 months of £497  - to make this journey as accessible as possible to you

Are you ready to make 2024 the year you finally feel great in your own skin? Enrol now and get set to Embrace the Real You! 

About Julie:

Julie Bale is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Weight Loss And Performance Coach. She has worked in the music industry for over 30 years as an opera and oratorio singer and hypnotherapist for singers. 

In March 2023 Julie created The Real Me programme after being inspired by the new weight loss drugs. As a life long dieter, she went on her first diet aged 9 and stopped dieting nearly 50 years later.  She was always desperate to try the next diet in the hope that it would be The One. 

The group trialled for 6 weeks, after which most participants had lost a stone in weight WITHOUT being on a diet. The programme focusses on using hypnotherapy tools and exercises to learn how to reconnect the mind/body and eject diet culture once and for all.  

Now one year and many participants later the average weight loss for the programme is 10lbs in 4 weeks and a life free from dieting. Julie herself has lost over 31lbs, as has her husband Andrew. She now wants to focus on 2024 being the year she frees hundreds more from the toxic dieting cycle. 

Her book The Real Me Isn’t Fat will be published in June. 

What her current clients say…

 “I love the fact I am totally cool around food wherever I am. I had to buy a new pair of jeans as the ones I brought with me were falling off! Down 5 sizes in jeans!!!!”

“I’m snacking a lot less! Plus I’m not feeling the need to binge or eat junk food when I’m really tired. The other, most important, thing for me is that I’m far less judgemental of myself at every meal – I’m more curious about what I can eat and what I can leave, and what I do and don’t need, without passing judgement.”

“With The Real Me, Julie has given us a set of tools based on hypnotherapy to help us listen to the signals that our body is trying to give us - signals of satiety and fullness which we have all learned to ignore. In learning to listen to our bodies we are gaining the ability to eat what we really want, when we really want it, and in the process losing unnecessary weight. We've reconnected with our real bodies and it's a joy.”

“I’m noticing how much more relaxed I am around food, and that I’m eating more slowly and mindfully. I can now leave food (or offer to my hubby!) without feeling deprived or guilty.”

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  • Previous clients have lost 2 Stones in 10 weeks
  • Discover the Power of the Anti-Diet
  • Eat the foods you like
  • Have no food stress at holidays or celebrations
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What Clients are saying...

"I didn’t gain any weight while on holiday!! I just enjoyed myself, indulged and stopped when I’d had enough! I even managed to wear the same dress I wore on our honeymoon 10 years ago (a minor miracle!)" 


" I love the fact I am totally cool around food wherever I am. I had to buy a new pair of jeans as the ones I brought with me were falling off! Down 5 sizes in jeans!!!!"




"My wins this week are I managed to eat and not over eat. I have managed to indulge and not over indulge. I have been out for dinner a couple days this week and I managed to leave some food on my plate without feeling guilty. My biggest excitement this week is I have been out shopping and brought some smaller clothes yippee!! 😊"