What are the Costs of Hypnotherapy Sessions?

One to One Online or face to face sessions

As with any professional service you will find that prices vary hugely for hypnotherapy services. If you are working with a hypnotherapist on a one to one basis you can expect to pay between £70-£200 per session depending on the therapist.

With one to one services you can expect to have typically 4 sessions per issue, but a reputable hypnotherapist will advise you at a consultation session as to how many sessions they believe will be necessary.

Some hypnotherapists will be happy for you to pay per session but most will offer a package of sessions to be paid for upfront. 

Julie Bale MindTraining offers a suite of products priced between £147 to £995. Feel free to email [email protected] 

Courses & Apps

When looking at hypnotherapy for weight loss courses it is important to check whether or not they have any live sessions, which can be very helpful for accountability and how the course supports you through your weight loss journey.

Our The Real Me ® Course starts with a 4 week introductory course is run both as an online course and as a self-paced version where you catch up with the weekly videos in your own time

We have a great deal of follow up and support which keeps you feeling a part of everything and supported.

Julie offers Discover Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Power Hours for £147. Ideal for those wanting to a hypnotherapy to their weight loss goals but needing mindset work these have fairly limited availability. 

The Introductory 4 week self-paced course currently costs £247 and you get a great deal of support. Even though this course is self-paced you are offered the opportunity to join regular live Q&A sessions  details are given on starting the course.  

What happens after the 4 week  Course?

After our graduates have completed the 4 week course they are invited into a monthly membership group called The Real Me Club ® which is a monthly membership club where they receive the weekly sessions online or catch up at their own pace plus lots of extra exercises to aid a long term weight loss journey. The membership is only for those who have completed the course, it has restricted numbers and currently costs £39 per month. 

From Nearly There to Really There

This is our flagship 10 week course for those who are committed to an intensive transformation. Next course will be running in September 2024. 

Short Courses

Currently 4 session short courses in:


Pain Management

MindTraining for Musicians

Are also available to purchase at £195. Email [email protected] for more information.