Supreme Self-Esteem | Short Course

A 4 Session Course to help you raise self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love

Imagine Having Supreme Self-Esteem


Would you like the gift of self-love, self-respect, Self-Acceptance and self-esteem?


Do you want to discover how to give that same love and compassion you give to others to yourself? 


Are you desperate to stop being so hard on yourself?


How would you feel if you were able to trust and believe in yourself just a little bit more? 


What if you could discover how brilliant it is to be you?! 


If you’re someone who feels their lives could be improved with a big injection of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love (and let’s face it I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t!!!) - then this short-course may be for you! 


This special stand-alone 4 session course is  packed with seriously powerful tools and techniques for change. 


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Get Supreme Self-Esteem

 Course  Outline

  • Session 1 | In this session we explore the power our negative thoughts have over us and use CBT tools and hypnosis to help us start to see the way forwards is through retraining our minds. We begin to discover things that we love about ourselves. 


  • Session 2 | Often we give our love freely to others but not to ourselves. In this session we explore what it is like to change position and be the one receiving love, and respect. We begin to explore who we really are. 


  • Session 3 | Any course on self-esteem needs to examine the beliefs we hold about ourselves and this session will help us to unpack that and begin to literally  light up our brains with positive beliefs about ourselves.


  • Session 4 | In this final session we catch up on how we are learning to light up our own lives, we measure our self-esteem, self-respect and self-love and plot our pathway moving forwards

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What People are saying...

“Julie is an astonishing force of nature. Her ability to recognise how to help  and affect change almost instantaneously is just awesome”


“I never miss a moment of Julie's classes, there is so much to learn and it's so inspiring to watch her at work”


"I know that every session I am going to come away feeling great"